The idea of ​​building a railway linking Jerez de la Frontera and Almargen, projected back in 1926, would not be absent from major efforts and investments. A clear reflection of the magnitude of the civil work are the more 300 works of factory scattered on the 126 km which separate the two localities, such as roadways, sewers, tunnels, road junctions and, among them, four important viaducts.
Along the 36.5 km. of the Sierra’s Greenway, we have four truly impressive viaducts:

  • The Azares’ one, in the stream of the same name, which is 65 m length and it is located between the “Junta de los Ríos” and Puerto Serrano.
  • The viaduct of Gillete with 83 m length and located between the “Junta de Los Ríos” and the Castle’s Tunnel.
  • In Coripe, the one of the “Partridge” (Viaducto de la Perdiz”), with 237 m length and 13 arches to save the Guadalporcún river.
  • and the existing half a kilometer beyond the stop of Zaframagón, with 135 m length, 22 m height and 7 arches with 10 m light each.

All respond to the same structural model, except the Viaduct of the Partridge, which presents a large central arch of 25 m light. The construction of the viaducts were made from 1930 using complicated scaffolding and wooden formwork to place the stone ashlars coming from the area.