Set in the Old Station of Zaframagón, the great attraction of the Interpretation Center and Ornithological Observatory of the Peñón of Zaframagón is its Video Monitoring System for vulture nest-sites.

A highly sensitive digital camera, with a rotation of 360º allows us to know in real time how griffon vultures fly, feed their young and reach their nests. The camera is camouflaged between the rocks in an area difficult to get to on the other side of the Guadalporcún canyon, only 200 metres away from where the vultures nest on the steepest slope of the Peñón.

Being an equipment that is especially respectful with the environment, the camera has a 300 mm motor-driven zoom lens, a nocturnal vision system that uses high-capacity infrared rays, and up to 99 different positions.

The location and power of the equipment allows the signal to be taken, by means of an optic fibre network, to digital recording and reproduction equipment of 800 gigabytes located 1 km away in the Interpretation Center. There is a keyboard with a joystick for operating the camera at a distance and a plasma screen, which shows the images in real time together with the recordings that can also be viewed on the Internet on the website of the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway.

The Interpretation Center also holds an interesting exhibition place with interpretative panels on the Natural Reserve Peñón de Zaframagón, the griffon vulture and its natural surroundings, as well as about the Sierra Greenway and finally a souvenir shop.

+INFO: Zaframagón Information Point


How to get to

Access from the Coripe Station or the Village of Zaframagón. Once there in any of these accesses, we will park the motor vehicle and continue on foot or by bike to the Observatory.
From the Coripe Station (Seville) to the center there are about 6 kms.
From the village of Zaframagón (about 2 kms.) the Village of Zaframagón can be reached by road from the town of Olvera (Cádiz) (about 22 kms.) Or along the Greenway itself (about 21 kms. on foot or by bicycle).