In the middle of the route of the Sierra’s Greenway is the Natural Reserve Peñón de Zaframagón, in the last foothills of the Mountain Range of Grazalema, where the subbética mountain ranges and the countryside of Seville come into contact. The space is in the limit between Olvera (Cadiz) and Coripe (Seville).

Despite its small size, the Rock is a faunal enclave of great importance mainly because it houses the largest nesting colony of griffon vultures (Gyps fulvus) of Western Andalusia and one of the largest in Europe. Its prominent and steep form, together with the fact that it has hitherto enjoyed a situation of great isolation from the most populated areas, has made it the ideal habitat for the installation of vulture’s nests, which are usually built on the more inaccessible walls, taking advantage of the presence of hollows, cornices or protrusions. For these same reasons we find other species that take refuge there, both birds and mammals.

The reserve is one of the few islets of native vegetation that dot this area and houses some unique floristic communities, fundamentally represented in two types of formations: the riparian vegetation that accompanies the water courses (banks of the Guadalporcún and the Guadamanil) and the rock vegetation that grows on the walls and steepest areas of the rock.

In the middle of nature reserve is located the Center of Interpretation and Observatory Ornithology of Zaframagón

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