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How can I cross the Sierra Greenway?

The way can be travelled on foot, by bicycle and on horseback, being totally prohibited the circulation of motorized vehicles. Only those vehicles with duly updated permits issued by the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway (maintenance and owners of neighboring properties) may circulate. There are several parking areas along the way that you can see on our How to arrive page. Access and Parking
What is the Green Patrol?
The Green Patrol is a free service that the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway offers to the users of the Greenway. This service runs on weekends and holidays. Four helpful guides are located along the Greenway and perform the role of tourist information guide, advisor and help point. They also encourage respectful use of the Sierra Greenway. They are very easy to spot out of their uniform and ID badge. These four guides are young men and women from local towns on the Sierra Greenway: the Foundation thus contributes to create local employment.

The members of the Green Patrol are not health personnel. In case of medical emergency call 112 or 061.

What are opening time of the Sierra Greenway?

The Greenway is open 24 hours a day. The tourist services of the Greenway do have opening hours for the public.

Zaframagón Interpretation Center and Observatory
Open every day from 09:30h a.m to 5:30h p.m.

Interpretation Centre “Sierra Greenway” (Olvera)
Open from 09:30h a.m  to 5:30h p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays closed for rest.

Green Patrol Service (Patrulla Verde)
Weekends and holidays, 09:00h a.m to 5:00h p.m.

Bicycle Rental
Weekends and holidays, 09:00h a.m to 5:00h p.m. The rest of the days you can rent bikes contacting them by phone.

How many kilometers are there rehabilitated in the Sierra Greenway?

The Sierra Greenway consists of 36.5 kilometers, joining together the towns of Puerto Serrano (kilometer 0) and Olvera (kilometer 36.5).
Where can you eat and sleep along the Greenway?

There are three stations rehabilitated at the foot of the Greenway as accommodations and restaurants:

  • Puerto Serrano Station. Tuesdays closed for rest.
  • Coripe Station. Wednesdays closed for rest.
  • Olvera Station. Mondays closed for rest.

In addition to these stations, there are also accommodations adapted for people with disabilities.

Also, in the surroundings of the Natural Reserve of “Peñón de Zaframagón” (Zaframagon Hill) there is another building rehabilitated as a Center of reception of visitors and Canteen. It opens only at weekends and offers to the users of the Greenway bar-cafeteria service, at kilometer 21 of the Greenway, very close to the ornithological Observatory.

You can consult more information about these and other tourist services in our section Plan Your Visit

Which interpretation centers can be visited along the Greenway?

At the foot of the Greenway, you can visit two Interpretation Centers. On the one hand, the Interpretation Center “Sierra Greenway”, at kilometer 36.5, near Olvera Station. This Center offers information about everything you want to know about the Sierra Greenway in a fun and interactive way, and you can enjoy the sensations transmitted by our 4D projection on the Sierra Greenway. Open from 09:30h a.m to 5:30h p.m. Closed for rest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

On the other hand, the Center of Interpretation and Observatory Ornithology of Zaframagón, located in the Natural Reserve of Peñón de Zaframagón, at Km 21 of the Greenway,  allow you to discover the secrets of one of the largest breeding colonies of griffon vultures in Europe, through a novel system of monitoring by video surveillance. Open every day from 09:30h a.m to 5:30h p.m.

Where can you rent bicycles along the Greenway?

You can rent at three points on the Greenway, where the three bicycle rental companies are located , which also offer tour guides.

  1. In Puerto Serrano, Acutu-Aventura.
  2. In Coripe, Irippo Bike.
  3. In Olvera, Sesca 09. S.L.

You can also rent quadricycles at Coripe Station: in “Cuatricicletas”. You can consult more information about these and other tourist services in our section Plan Your Visit

Can you go to the Sierra Greenway with pets ?

Yes. In case of bringing dogs to the Greenway, they must be tied up during the whole trip.
How far are the towns from the Sierra Greenway?

  • Olvera. To access the town you have to go up a street with a high slope of less than 1 Km.
  • Coripe. At 1.5 Km approx. The town is accessed through the road A-8126.
  • Puerto Serrano.  About 2 Kms Approx. To access the town you have to up over  an iron bridge.
  • Pruna. About 6 Kms approx.
  • Montellano. About 15 Kms approx.
  • El Coronil. About 20 kms approx

How can I get discounts for the access to the Interpretation Centers of the Sierra Greenway?

Groups of more than 20 people have a benefit from a 50% discount, having to make a reservation previously by means of the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway. The Green Card holders have also a benefit from a 50% discount. Discounts are not cumulative.
How are organized group visits to the Sierra Greenway?

The Foundation of the Sierra Greenway is contacted by email to info@fundacionviaverdedelasierra.com. There are 1 or 2 parking spaces for buses at the stations of Puerto Serrano, Coripe and Olvera.
Can you organize events on the Sierra Greenway?

To organize events on the Greenway, you can consult the specific regulation granting authorizations. The request for the organization of the event should be sent to the Foundation of the Sierra Greenway by email to info@fundacionviaverdedelasierra.com