Foundation of the Sierra Greenway

We strive to take advantage of Nature

About us

The Foundation of the Sierra Greenway was set up in early 2000 as the managing body of the railway line Jerez-Almargen, converted by the Ministry of the Environment into a Greenway. It’s constituted by the Provincial Councils of Cadiz and Seville and the Town Councils of Coripe, El Coronil, Montellano, Olvera, Pruna and Puerto Serrano; and it’s currently chaired by Mª Isabel Moreno Fernández.


Why a Foundation?

The Foundation key objective is to conserve, maintain and manage the use of the Vía Verde de la Sierra, in accordance with the fundamental aims of the Green Tissue Programme:

  • To maintain the public domain of the same.
  • To halt deterioration once it is no longer functional.
  • To promote alternative or recreational activities (hiking, cycling tourism, horseback routes, landscaping, etc.)
  • To encourage economic activities in the place of origin.
  • To incorporate disused infrastructure into the social facilities.

Where can you find us?

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Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra 2Fundación Vía Verde de la Sierra
Antigua casa del guarda de la estación. 11659 Puerto Serrano (Cádiz)

Office hours

Opening. Monday to Friday. 8:30h. to 14:30h.


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