The Interpretation Center ‘Vía Verde de la Sierra’ Sierra’s Greenways is located next to Olvera Station and has everything you need to know about the Sierra’s Greenway, explained in a pleasant way and through interactive media so you can immerse yourself and enjoy of their sensations thanks to projections in 4D.

The Center presents a public tour for visitors accessing the exhibition space, based on the actual layout of the Sierra’s Greenway. So the visitor goes through different expository landmarks that correspond to the walker is encountered in its route through the Sierra’s Greenway, (villages, tourist attractions, nature reserves …). The route is linear and open, granting a certain freedom to the visitor who will not at any time be forced to retrace his steps to complete the expository speech.


The center is a few meters from Olvera Station. From Olvera you would have to go to the bus station and go down the Station road to Olvera Station.