The Sierra Railway

Jerez-Almargen route

The history of an unfinished layout

The Sierra Greenway goes along the old Jerez-Almargen railway line. From this first project, nowadays and adapted to the use of Greenway only 36.5 kms are passable, which connect the towns of Puerto Serrano and Olvera.

The operation of this railway line began to be studied at the beginning in the 19th century. Under the auspices of the Provincial Council of Cadiz, the first steps were taken to create an economic railway that would energize the region of the Sierra. In 1887, a preliminary project was presented, which contemplated a line from Jerez to Setenil, with a branch that finished in Grazalema.

The Sierra Greenway passes through the old Jerez-Almargen railway line.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Jerez-Villamartín-Setenil Railway Research Society was created in Jerez, which develops an elaborate project. But it was in 1926, during  Primo de Rivera´s dictatorship, when the construction of the Sierra Railway was approved.

The fall of the dictatorship and the economic withdrawal that followed, determined the interruption of the work, which  was never completed

Construcción de la Estación de Navalagrulla

Estación de Olvera abandonada

Operarios que trabajaron en la construcción de la Víaposan ante la cámara