The Sierra's Greenway

Respect Nature

If you come to visit us, keep in mind these rules
  1. Sierra’s Greenway is destined for hiking, riding a bike and riding a horse. It is a touristic, ecological and sport route.
  2. Sierra’s Greenway, for their characteristics, is accessible for disabled people.
  3. Respect the rules and indications of Sierra’s Greenway.
  4. Sierra’s Greenway users can use the free services of the ‘Green Patrol’ (Patrulla Verde), guides / informants that stay along the Greenway at weekends and on holidays. In case of emergency, it is suggested to phone 112 or 061.
  5. Users must follow the recommendations of Sierra’s Greenway surveillance staff.
  6. You should also be fairly careful when you cross tunnels and viaducts. Circulate on the right and use torches in all the tunnels.
  7. Respect the animal, plants and all facilities along the Greenway.
  8. Pick up your trash and place it into containers.
  9. Do not pollute the water.
  10. Respect the bordering properties of Sierra’s Greenway; most of them are private farms, the access to them is forbidden.
  11. If you take an animal, keep it tied.
  12. Users are responsible for any damages to people, objects and equipment along the Sierra’s Greenway, as consequence of wrong behavior.
  13. All cyclists must wear a helmet along Sierra’s Greenway.

Traffic Rules

  1. Drive safely and be respectful with other users and be environmentally friendly. Don’t ride in an excessive speed.
  2. Respect the priority. Ride only on allowed places.
  3. Circulate for right hand traffic and pass on the left.
  4. Warn others that you are passing. Warn before your operations and rude turning operations.
  5. Don’t interrupt the movement of other users.
  6. Circulate in a row in tunnels and narrow paths.


  1. All motorized vehicles along Sierra’s Greenway are forbidden. Only authorized vehicles by the Foundation of the Sierra’s Greenway can pass.
  2. Exceed the speed of 20 km/h, not allowed.
  3. No grazing in the Sierra’s Greenway, and don’t use the tunnels like livestock shelter.
  4. No camping along the Sierra’s Greenway.
  5. No violence along the Sierra’s Greenway.
  6. Do not light fires, barbecues …, except authorized places. If you see a fire, please inform.
  7. All actions that don’t preserve and don’t keep a good maintenance of the Sierra’s Greenway, particularly:
    • Vandal-proof, graffiti, breaks…, in route, in vegetation, in wildlife, in the path, in resting areas, in urban furniture, in the facilities and in signaling the Sierra’s Greenway.
    • Discharging residues along the Sierra’s Greenway.
    • Other uses not covered in the authorized uses are forbidden.